Service Design. Where does it all go wrong

A 60 minute Workshop by:

Sarah Buxton


Theme: Design in practice: case studies, tools & techniques

About this Workshop

Service design often equates to a customer-oriented perspective. That should be awesome - but in many cases, as an approach, it often lacks strategic focus. Perhaps that’s why many customers are too easily tempted away (or not tempted in) and why many experience poor service, even though the majority of companies we hear about say they’re focused on delivering great customer experiences and are customer centred, or customer first.

This workshop explores the relationship between customer service, experience and brand - and asks - in service design, should it be product, people or positioning that takes the lead?

About the Speaker

Failed a few times. Learned from the mistakes. Works with start-ups, venture teams and established brands to help them see things a little differently. Finding a better way to persuade, delight and create change.


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