The architecture of talent - how organisations transform

A 60 minute Keynote by:

Alberta Soranzo

Lloyds Banking Group

Theme: Design in practice: case studies, tools & techniques

About this Keynote

The session looks at organisational change through the lenses of service design, systems thinking and first-hand experience at a British financial institution. The team I look after is at the centre of the efforts to redesign processes and ways of working, so that we can design the change we want and transform the organisation from within.

In systems thinking, much like in information architecture, we look at the relationships between the parts of a system and the whole, and consider those relationships to organise processes, services and people in a way that's conducive to flow and effectiveness.

The changes we are championing affect the multiple spaces - from physical to information - that our colleagues and customers operate in, and the results we're getting are incredibly encouraging.

Our experience very much reflects the themes that pervade the conversation we're having in the design community and beyond - transformation, organisational change, sustainability in the face of competition that's more agile than the institutions we operate in. I'd be delighted to illustrate how a group of rogue designers has been adapting to corporate life to help a corporation adapt to the real world outside.

About the Speaker

Alberta is an incorrigible nomad - born and raised in Italy, she has lived in California and now works in London, as Director of End-to-End Service Design at Lloyds Banking Group. With her team of systems thinkers and service designers, she's looking at shaping the future of financial services and supporting meaningful outcomes for humans and organisations. Alberta sketchnotes the meetings she attends (and there are many), is a resolute ice hockey player and cares deeply about the very small things that, she says, "matter a lot".

You can find her online on Twitter or LinkedIn. Offline, she's likely to be playing hockey at an ice rink near you.


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