Creating a service design methodology for Sopra Steria

A 45 minute Case Study by:

Coca Rivas

Sopra Steria

Theme: Hacking the org: tales from the frontline

About this Case Study

The aim of this session is to share insights into Sopra Steria’s service design methodology, which has been developed primarily in the government sector but can be applied more widely.

I'll talk through my reasons for moving from government to a supplier and why I think that large companies need service designers and service design methodologies. I'll also show how service design and design thinking can help enable transformation, bringing coherence, agility and improvements to service delivery.

I will explore tools that have been tried and tested at Sopra Steria and from my previous experience in government, supported by case studies.

The session will cover the following topics:

1. The pain and joy of building a team and introducing new ways of working in a large company

  • who else is doing service design across the organisation beyond the designer?
  • why you need a team and how to convince the organisation they need a design team
  • internal mini projects that lead to successes, showing better ways of working and building an appetite for service design
  • convincing internal teams of the power of service design and design thinking - the misconception of ‘service design in a box’

2. Small service design interventions in large organisations and massive projects

  • the power of visualising and mapping the services: even those resistant to change value and respond positively to good design (with examples)
  • quick and dirty research, mixing methods, to understand domain, help uncover pain points and identify opportunities for transformation (with examples)
  • prototyping early in the process brings abstract concepts into concrete form to align different perspectives to test, learn and improve (with examples)
  • workshops with stakeholders to create consensus and agree goals, with examples of what worked and what did not

3. Learning and recommendations

  • keep iterating methods and tools
  • always draw the problem
  • transparency and collaboration works best
  • design comes from multi-disciplinary team effort
  • keep improving your craft

About the Speaker

Coca Rivas has experience designing and delivering digital innovation and transformation programmes within the public sector, start-ups and academia, including work at the award-winning UK Government Digital Service (GDS).

She has worked extensively in the private sector and across government for nearly 20 years, leading innovation projects for HMRC, Department for Education, Land Registry, Home Office and others. She has worked in technology and innovation projects in Spain, the UK and Germany. She is a keynote speaker at several design and digital government events and is also a visiting lecturer at the School of Design, Leeds University.

Coca is a keen cyclist and has toured across Japan, Cuba, Spain and Portugal and is planning to cycle over the Andes.


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