Across product silos: service design at the BBC

A 45 minute Case Study by:

Blaise Galinier


Theme: Hacking the org: tales from the frontline

About this Case Study

Is the BBC too successful for its own good? Designing for such a long-standing institution means dealing with incredibly successful products: from iPlayer or BBC News to major TV and radio channels. But success creates organisational silos, generates politics and cements a certain way of doing things, which can get in the way of innovating and serving the public. Enter service design.

This session will explore how the BBC’s history has shaped its structure, where this is creating risks and how a service design mindset can help address it. Blaise will share some of the BBC UX&D team’s latest thinking around not only mapping a multi-layered, multi-service organisation like the BBC - but also making change actually happen in such an environment.

About the Speaker

Blaise joined the BBC's UX & Design team a year ago as a creative director and can't wait to tell you about it. His job involves drinking tea and improving the lives of editorial teams across the BBC by designing better tools and systems. He’s going to need lots of tea...

With a background in computer science, Blaise loves a good diagram and geeking out over data, but couldn't pick a font if his life depended on it. That hasn't prevented him from working on a variety of exciting projects across his career, including many years at hip agency AllofUs.

Also, cats.


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