Converting an organisation of experts to customer-centred design

A 60 minute Case Study by:

Samar Héchaimé

Tata Consultancy Services

Theme: Hacking the org: tales from the frontline

About this Case Study

Throughout my career my quest has always been to humanise spaces, places, cities, brands, governments and service organisations. I have been working on enforcing a user-centric approach, designing from the perspective of users and their culture, traditions, knowledge, science, history, architecture and arts. Basically, building ecosystems for the story of human experience, and designing what would become the window to the past and gateway to the future.

This has taken me through a journey of exploration, testing and challenges. Believing that design strategy is better suited to the challenges of today, to transform, to innovate and to reinvent our world in comparison to traditional management consulting, I now find myself at TCS helping bring that very innovative vision and approach to change the perspective of both our internal and external people.

How do you implement a different way of thinking in a traditional organisation both culturally, structurally and in its service offering? How do you hack the organisation? How do we - TCS - and our clients go through a journey of transformation and uncertainty in a realm that pretends it knows all the answers?

About the Speaker

Samar Héchaimé is the Director of Design Strategy and Innovation at TCS. She brings extensive knowledge and practice in the fields of user experience, behavioural design, strategy design, service design, integrated and holistic organisational transformation.

Her aim is to make organisations more user centric through design. She has worked and lived in the USA, China, across Europe and the Middle East. These experiences have enhanced her appreciation of different cultures and allowed her to create unique experiences that transform the way we live and we work.

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