How to turn behavioural insights into better service design

A 60 minute Workshop by:

Tom Cornwall


Theme: Design in practice: case studies, tools & techniques

About this Workshop

Why do some services gain 10, 100, even 1000 times more customers than others? And how can you make your business truly stand out?

Many service designers believe they've cracked the code to designing successful services. The truth is, too many businesses that follow the rules are failing because they don't create one important thing: desire.

Behavioural insights (or 'nudging') might sound dull or academic. But, in this practical session, you'll learn how this new toolkit can spark your creativity and make your services more exciting, enjoyable and desirable.

Tom Cornwall, one of the top practitioners, will take you on a global tour of the fascinating ways these insights are reshaping our world. You'll leave with 7 principles to ensure your business goes with the grain of human nature. And the confidence to put them into action in business and life.

The Economist recently said, "The behavioural revolution is in full swing". This session is a must-see if you're looking to join in.

About the Speaker

Tom Cornwall helps leaders grow their business intelligently. He is currently Head of Service Design at Rainmaker, a digital business transformation company. Before that he founded and exited a behavioural insights and innovation company, Behave.

He believes we're only scratching the surface when it comes to designing desirable services. That’s why he’s spent the last decade helping businesses, governments and even the UN design services people actually want to use. Tom lives in London and enjoys burritos.

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