Choosing the right service design for your business

A 45 minute Case Study by:

Joel Bailey


Theme: Hacking the org: tales from the frontline

About this Case Study

Service design has evolved from a one-size-fits-all model to a multifaceted practice incorporating agile, change management and organisational design.

We help today’s clients work out what sort of service design is right for them, and successfully navigate the many options.

Drawing on 3 very distinct client projects, we’ll help participants explore the different ways service design can be applied within organisations, with practical advice on how to diagnose and select the right model for your business.

About the Speaker

Joel Bailey is an experienced service designer, with 16 years' experience helping clients create customer experiences that drive sustainable profit.

Joel is Director of Livework London, the independent pioneer of service design, and previously spent 5 years as Director of Service Design at Capita, working on multichannel design projects for the BBC, O2 and the Ministry of Defence.

He enjoys using design creativity, practical customer-centred methods and business strategy to help organisations improve and innovate their services.

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