About Service Design in Business

21-22 November 2017 at 15Hatfields

Get a taste for what the Service Design in Business event is all about - check out photos, footage and quotes direct from the participants mouths…

At Service Design in Business we endeavour to ensure participants can connect, network and learn from their peers in a positive and practical environment. The first event, in 2016, welcomed industry experts, designers and business strategists to a day of intensive learning. Scroll down to get more of a taste of what our participants thought about their time at SDinBiz!

What our participants are saying

What best sums up your experience of SDinBiz?

SDinBiz was like a day long rollercoaster that ended too short with me asking for more!

Can't wait for the next event.

Good connection to help me understand that others face the same problem and how others have tackled it.

It's given me insight into how I can have more meaningful conversations with the clients I work for.

Insightful, useful and real world case studies.

What made you decide to come to the event?

I am interested in service design and see it's positive impact when applied correctly. I came to the conference to deepen my knowledge about it.

I came to compare practices with other service designers and build my network towards collaborations for social innovation.

I was interested to learn a little more about service design, especially with relation to a business application, I wanted to be able to bring this insight back to my role and educate my clients.

Learn more from industry experts and generate new ideas and how to implement them.

Beginning to work in Service Design in Government and interested in how business sector are approaching it.

How did the conference meet this need?

I've learned today more than during my master programme so far. I met amazing people and I hope to be (stay) in touch with them and livework!

It was inspiring and opened my mind to interesting topics to take away and explore.

Mix of different talks, so able to choose what seemed most relevant to me. Good focus on business adjectives eg cost/revenues/KPI's/loyalty and how to make a case for more.

The talk I was most looking forward to was nice and inspiring. But the other talks really surprised me and I really enjoyed it.

Very well. Gives a good view on how common UX design and service design goals are. Strong focus on business case building (expected).